Very Strong Opinions

"Strong opinions, weakly held." Steve Jobs MDF

On Clothes 06/11/22

Clothes, for the most part, should be comfortable. There are a few exceptions for style, but pain or constant fussing makes the best outfit look bad.

On Cars 06/03/22

Cars are too fast to learn a city. Their efficiency doesn't allow you the time to observe. If you want to know a neighborhood, walk it. If you want to know a city, bike it.

On Shoelaces 05/10/22

Shoelaces for most modern shoes are inconvenient and ugly. Shoes are never photographed with bunny ears, because even the companies know it looks like shit. If you don't tie it just right, they untie themselves. I've switched to elastic lace replacements designed for runners.

On Beds 05/02/22

Any bed is at it's most comfortable in the morning. Especially when you have to get out of it.

On Sandwiches 01/10/22

Sandwiches are only as good as the bread they're on.

On Seasons 04/24/21

Seasons come and go, but you should only complain about one of them. If you hate winter, don't tell me about how you also hate summer. For the record, I hate east coast summers. Loving multiple seasons is allowed, because joy is always welcome.

On PakTech 12/02/20

PakTech the plastic 4-6 pack holder that most craft beer comes in is the absolute worst. Besides being hard to remove cans, it's wasteful when 6-pack boxes are available. I understand that a box costs more, but a modern - animal safe - solution should be developed.

On Serialized Books 04/21/20

Novels should be contained in a single book. A series is often the result of a lazy editor and a writer under contract. I don't care if a book is 1000 pages long, I'd take it over four 250 page books.

On Girl Scout Cookies 03/09/20

Trefoils are the all-time best Girl Scout Cookie.

On Chocolate 02/14/20

Pure chocolate is not candy.

On BLT's 09/23/19

A BLT is the best way to find out how a deli will make any sandwich. The ingredients are simple and minimal, and the way they are prepared / combined will tell you everything you need to know.

On Bacon 09/23/19

Oven bacon is the best way to cook more than 2 slices. Especially for sandwiches.

On Roombas 09/23/19

Roomba's are surprisingly great.